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The flying of a magical onion.

1st October, 2009. 9:27 pm. Musings of a lost blog

Apparently a blog is made each second. Which is sad, too many moments of consciousness stored, photographs do not capture souls but if anything approximates the soul, it is in a genuine blog entry, pouring out one's fears, anxieties, current mental state, for consumption of the few needy, hungry, bored minds that want a brief moment of satisfaction.

Because not only is it satisfying imparting this information, but it is satisfying reading it. You take in those innermost, carefully censored, longings and snicker, maybe feel a bit of empathy but mostly just read, not really judging, just adding bits of interest to your future knowledge banks. Whats most bizarre about this process is the strange anonmity about the whole process. It is not someone you know or will ever meet, these are usually just faces. Hilarious.

Spider Solitaire is the meaning of life. It makes it all ok.

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25th June, 2007. 2:39 pm. lacking a contact lense

My eye hurt so I had to take out my contact lens. So now I am half blind. I hate being half blind. Listening to new Arcade Fire album, I cannot rate it highly enough, very good times "Neon Bible" *and* anti christian, making it both exciting and important. Anyway, some pretty good newsCollapse )

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20th May, 2007. 7:26 pm. time is running out

God is a terrible writer.Collapse )

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7th May, 2007. 6:13 pm.

So, you want some drunken ramblings, well I will give you them, if I remember that whole cut thing [lj-cut text="Drunken ramblings maybe?"]

So, why am I rambling I hear you ask. its cold, I am feeling lonely. Lonely in my soul.

Souls are funny.

Ok this was a saved draft. I do not remember this situation at all. Which is both hilarious, and sad.

So, the question you have to ask yourself, is why the hell would anyone take law like I have. I have no intention of being a lawyer, it is a silly profession, fully of silly people, doing silly things. And takes a hell of a lot of work. Academic seems nice, get to do vaguelly meaningful things but a lot of work too. I am sadly concluding life is going to be filled with this "work" thing. It is not a good thing.

So politics I hear you ask. I don't like politics, recently Golden Key had to make a political appointment. Had to is pushing it, we just did. Golden Key is my little community service organisation (if you haven't already been informed). I think anyone with vague moral sensibilities inevitably gets pulled into service of some kind, I succumbed to something that would stop my mother whining every few weeks that she had paid a stupid amount of money for me to join an organisation that I never did anything with (top 15% are invited, but you have to pay $93 to join). I think we do a fair amount of good, raise money and stuff for Chomondly, or something the Children's Home that helps children whose parents are hurt, learning disability organisation with no government funding, Spelld, build houses for the poor, extend gifted primary and secondary school students, and equip us geeks with a bit of social know how. Arguably do a bit of good anyway. Add to that the majority of time spent on pointless activities like inductions, "member engagement", and conferences. Anyway, the political appointment. GK has advisors that are in the administration. These advisors help with all manner of stuff that we couldn't do without university help. We after all need access to confidential university information to isolate the top 15%. We have made lots of people who help GK in a small fashion "honourary members", a position reserved for people in the community displaying excellence of the kind we support. I think our advisors more than deserve such membership, but I really question whether people who occasionally help should be afforded such status. Indeed, if this is the case, a lot of family of GK members probably qualify for honourary member status.

I wrote this a while ago. The doom of saved draft, I am probably never going to post this, or if so, will post it in a couple of years after this page stretches on forever. Or maybe I will just post it after writing this brief idea.

In defence of Golden Key. Golden Key does do a bit of good as identified above, and we have to sacrifice a lot of "bad" or at least perhaps "pointless", or even "slightly good" in that the activities do have some beneficial purpose, even if in comparison to other ways of spending time, they are rather down the scale on social importance. Anyway, my legs are itching, I don't know why and I have to go. There is a defence here, I promise, but you will never know it. Muhahaha.

The end.

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19th March, 2007. 7:27 pm. wild naked cheerleaders

Bet you thought from that title there would be something exciting to say. Not really. Well I guess. I really should say something about crazy life events that have filled my life. crazy life events.Collapse )

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15th February, 2007. 3:52 pm. Adventures in Australia

Its been an interesting few months. England beat the Australians (and the dirty Kiwis) in the cricket, and somehow, it has again become the best sport in the world by far. I visited Australia twice, once with family to upmarket Noosa, and once with my Golden Key crew to scummy Surfers Paradise (although did get to stay at a 4 1/2 star hotel for a few days which was sweet) and the ultra fantastico sydney. Will post more in time, but I will say it was probably something of a life changing experience, and super fun. Etc. Stupid library.

Why is the library stupid?Collapse )

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5th January, 2007. 1:49 pm. Rant

Argh, there is no excuse for faith, none at all.

Why there is no excuse for faith.Collapse )

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12th December, 2006. 8:54 pm. five minutes of culting fun

So, I have approximately 4.24 minutes and counting to describe one of the weirdest experiences of my life to date, well...perhaps stretching it slightly out of proportion, but very weird nevertheless.

The CooperitesCollapse )

Current mood: annoyed.

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5th December, 2006. 1:57 pm. world issues

University study has been pretty crappy, I hate not having any break at all, but hanging out for family holiday to Australia over Christmas Break to see that wonderfully pointless Sunshine Coast.

Anyway, I have a solution for a few world problems. I want to hear your thoughts, it starts with the whole starving african problem. The main reason they are starving, I can see at least, is the place they live. I mean, its a giant desert, and where it is not a desert it is a crazy jungle with cannibals, pgymies, and dinosaurs. How people can be expected to live in such atrocious conditions is beyond me. So, air lift them out of africa, to somewhere more hospitable, and with an infrastructure that can handle a large input of illegal immigrants.

Another major problem seems to be American obseity and consumerism. They eat way too much, which means all the third world countries have to bear the brunt of their weight. They don't only eat to much, but they drive bigger cars to accomodate their massive frames, which destroy the environment, and means Japan is richer and can buy more harpoons to kill poor innocent whales. There seems only one answer to this problem, and although its a little radical, I think you will agree with me that it is the only reasonable answer to the situation.

I personally have a thing against people who eat meat. Its just a personal thing, I'm not trying to say everyone should follow my lead. I mean, sure, people who eat meat are in effect, murdering conscious beings that have never done anything any harm except a few blades of grass in a truly despicable factory method, which we happily criticise when it happens to the jews, but don't raise an eye brow when we do it to our bovine buddies. But I mean, go ahead, line your gut with more undigestable flesh for that little bit of extra pleasure in a meal, at the expense of a thousand screaming cows souls. So, we need an alternative to animal meat and we need space to put all these starving Africans.

A new fast food place opens up simultaneously all over the South of America, it is called "Fattie Food". Fatties flock in, because it is their dream come true, more fatty food. But really, the shops are giant meat processing plants, that quickly and painlessly (in most cases) kill the fatties, and place them in giant blenders. Then drop the Africans off into the Americans occupations, and feed them all up on human blubber. Might be a few issues with Mad Cows Disease, but they will be a lot better off than starving in the middle of deserts, or being eaten by giant dinosaurs in the middle of the African rainforests.

Now, I know there are a lot of refinements to my plan, and obviously we can't bring all the africans, because some are bad and will try to shoot the good ones (white south africans for example), and we can't kill all the americans, because some are kids, and that would be immoral, but overall I think its a solution that not only hits a lot of birds with only a few stones, but will provide a big boom for the airlifting, meat processing, and medical industry.

Current mood: good.

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18th October, 2006. 12:44 pm. Movie, life, and an essay due on friday

Yeah, so my week of hell didn't hurt too much, felt everything went ok. Got a few good marks back pretty much straight away, so ok, you don't care. Apologies.

A fantastic movie you must see: obviously Borat, but that goes without saying. This one: Little Miss Sunshine, I was drawn in by the fantastic music in the trailer: Sufjan Stevens and Flaming Lips, truly good times. The movie, although featuring only a little bit of the above mentioned music, actually worked really well. It defies analysis, because essentially its a character driven plot, building on some pretty unoriginal slapstick comic routines (pushing the car to get it to work, a teenager has taken a vow of silence, a high grandfather), but puts it all together in a pretty original indie classic. Definitely worth seeing, if not buying and treasuring forever.

Anyway, thats all I wanted to say. Have two days to write a pretty complex bloody 3,000 word essay. Bastards.

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